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If you deal with anxiety and sometimes experience panic attacks (as I did for over twenty years) this video will come as a relief. The root cause of anxiety usually isn’t something deep, complex or impossible to figure out.

Most anxiety is just the habit of worrying gone physical. And if you’ve got a mind prone to worry, just like I do and just like the woman who asked me about controlling it, there are solutions for you. Simple solutions that will help you if repeated over time.

And the solutions start with identifying the things that trigger you to worry. So write them down.

Are you anxious when you wake up? Are you anxious when your partner is about to come home? Are you anxious when your boss speaks to you? Are you anxious around situations or types of people? Write down the things that trigger you to worry.

Now that you identified the triggers, you can break the trigger + worry + anxiety connection by interrupting the worry part. Today, when you get triggered, use the #5SecondRule and count 5-4-3-2-1 to interrupt the trigger + worry loop, then redirect your thought patterns to something positive or exciting. Repeat. All. Day. Every. Day.

Every time you interrupt the cycle of worry + anxiety + panic, you are learning how to settle your physical and mental states before the anxious feelings escalate in your body.

I explain how in this video. And, l think you know this, but in case you don’t, I’m not a therapist. I’ve suffered from anxiety for decades. I’ve studied it and the leading research for 10 years. And I have cured myself and taught these simple techniques to my kids and over hundred thousand people in live audiences. They work. But you have to use them over and over. You know what else works? Professional treatment. So, if you have a medical concern, consult your health care provider. And if the quality of your life is suffering because of triggers, worry or anxiety–don’t try to be a hero. Go get a therapist because we all need help facing our issues and healing our minds.

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