Panic Attack Help Now | How to Stop a Panic Attack

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Panic Attack Help Now | How to Stop a Panic Attack

How do you stop a panic attack once it’s started? In this video I offer a few quick tools to help you overcome panic attacks, even if you’re experiencing one right now.

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If you’d like more support, I’ve found the anti-anxiety workbook super helpful for individuals who would like to work through their anxiety on their own, at their own pace. Link to the workbook:

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This video is not intended as professional counseling or clinical advice. If you’re in need of support, please consider speaking to a professional to be evaluated.

KEY TIP: Symptoms of anxiety are uncomfortable, not dangerous.
I’ll say that again
Symptoms of Anxiety are extremely uncomfortable, but they are not dangerous

How to overcome a panic attack:

Accept that you’re having a panic attack. Once it starts, it doesn’t help to resist. In fact, if you give in to the urge to get rid of the panic, it will likely only get worse. A panic attack works much like getting on to a roller coaster ride. Once the ride has started, there’s no way to get off the ride until the ride is over. Your best bet for getting through is to stay put and hang on.
Don’t Run Away. Our natural inclination when we panic is to do whatever we can to get away from the triggering situation. However, running away is exactly what reinforces our panic and makes it more likely to occur again in the future and with greater intensity. Staying put in the situation makes you more uncomfortable in the moment, but will help reduce and sometimes eliminate future panic attacks. Remember, your discomfort is not dangerous. Stay on the roller coaster until the end of the ride rather than ejecting before it’s over.
Breathe Through it. You’re not going anywhere, so take a moment to breathe through the panic. Deep breaths won’t eliminate your panic, but it will help you cope with the discomfort. Place a hand on your belly and try to inflate your belly like a balloon. Slowly exhale, ensuring you empty all the air from your lungs before inhaling again.

Keep reminding yourself of these three tips until the panic passes. Panic attacks are so intense that physiologically they can’t last that long. Typically they can’t last longer than 10 minutes. You can hang in there for 10 minutes! Once the panic attack has passed, you can then exit the triggering scenario and utilize other coping skills like talking to a loved one or using distraction techniques.

This may not be your last experience with a panic attack, but with these tools you will reduce the power they have over your life, and they may eventually completely eliminate over time.

If you’re experiencing frequent panic attacks or if you find that they are significantly impacting your life, you might find it helpful to reach out to a local counselor or other mental health professional.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful to cope with panic attacks. Until next time, I’m Dr. Marie Fang and I hope you have a great day!


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