How To Stop An Anxiety Attack Now

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So you’re having problems with anxiety or panic attacks. And you just want to know how to stop a anxiety attack now. Because they suck. You feel like you’re going to pass out, or throw up or you just want to curl up in the corner and pray for the frickin thing to end.

We’ll I’ve got good news. I’m going to share with you something that can give you relief immediately.

We’re going to do a very specific breathing exercise. And it works for two reasons. One, it’s going to change the flow of blood and oxygen in your body. And two, it’s going to focus your mind on something other than how desperate you feel.

Two rules. The first is, When you breath, you will inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. And the second is that sitting, standing, posture, what you’re doing with your tongue, your fingers, your feet, whatever…makes no difference whatsoever. So don’t worry about that stuff.

Alright, so let’s get to it.

We’re going to start with 3 breaths that are called focus breaths. They are good, healthy breaths. Not deep, but not how you’d normally breath either.

After the 3 focus breaths, you’re going to slowly inhale, through your nose, for a count of 5.

Now hold that breath for a count of 12.

Now slowly exhale, through your mouth, for a count of 8.

Now, you will repeat this, but with different lengths.

Slowly inhale again, through your nose, this time for a count of 8.

Hold your breath for a count of 15 this time.

Slowly exhale, through your mouth, for a count of 12 this time around.

That’s one set. And you’ll want to repeat this until you’ve done 4 sets.

So again, the pattern is in 5, hold 12, out 8. In 8, hold 16, out 12. Then repeat that pattern until you’ve done 4 sets of it.

When you’re done, you’re going to take 4 normal breaths…in through your nose, out through your mouth.

After that, you’ll finish with 4 breaths that are called grounding breaths. These are good, healthy breaths. Not deep, but not how you’d normally breath either.

And then you’re done. That’s the technique. You can do it anytime, anywhere, any place…and as many times as you want throughout the day.

Now everyone is different, but in general what you should feel is obviously some relief…you might feel like you’re a little bit in a different state and you may even feel a little light-headed or buzzed. Hey, free, healthy buzz.

If you have any questions just comment below this video and we’ll be glad to answer!

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How To Stop An Anxiety Attack Now


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