Panic Attacks At Night / Nocturnal Panic Attacks – Explained and How You Find Relief!

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Panic attacks are terrifying but even more so when they happen at night, at times you so urgently need some rest to recover from all the strain that life with an anxiety disorder can come along with. During the day we somehow can handle or calm from a panic. WE at least often can feel them coming. There is a sort of build-up of stress. But at night these anxiety attacks seem to come so sudden. WE basically wake up in a panic attack. No build-up of stress symptoms whatsoever. The anxiety symptoms are there in their highest intensity. It is no wonder so many believe that they are a sign of some other serious illness. I know that I was always worried about a heart attack or feared a stroke. My heart would be beating fast and pounding hard. My vision was blurry, my hands felt numb, felt dizzy and couldn’t focus. It was very similar to a severe panic attack at day but just felt so much more intense and uncontrollable.
It was close to impossible to calm down from that severely anxious state. Once these nocturnal panic attacks happened it was almost guaranteed that I would remain anxious throughout the night jumping in and out of panic attack over and over again. With the fatigue setting in and unable to sleep the next day was destined to be disastrous. I would continuously worry about what just happened at night. What it could mean. Also, my body felt tenser, had a lot more discomfort and symptoms. But worst of all was that when tired anxiety would spiral out of control. Which in return made it impossible to fall asleep again…. A vicious cycle which only got worse over time.
Like with everything anxiety-related a very general approach is the best. Not targeting nocturnal panic attacks on its own but tackling stress in general. Implementing stress coping mechanisms and healthy habits into a daily routine is crucial. Only when lowering stress altogether you can withstand new stressors.
A great night time routine can, however, lower the chances for night time panic attacks. A routine should focus on getting you into a calm state before bed. Increasing the likelihood of good night sleep. Things you should consider:
Light exercise
Guided breathing session
Light stretching
Warm Chamomile tea
Always keeping your Bed clean and making your bed first thing in the morning
A warm shower before bed
No screen time 2 hours before sleep
Remove your phone from your room
Blackout curtains
Setting the right sleeping temperature
I am well aware that these things sound very generic and logical but are often not implemented. This doesn’t mean that this is a magic solution and you will draft off right away but if followed through on a daily basis and becoming a real habit they will help. Great rest comes from good routines. Humans thrive on repetition.

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